Saturday, October 9, 2010

THE GOD COOKIE by Geoffrey Wood

Geoffrey Wood writes some of the most witty banter I've ever read. His book The God Cookie had me laughing out loud, and his characters' dialogue is a pleasure to read.

Parrish is a coffee shop owner who tells God that he's listening and will do whatever God says. A few minutes later, he opens a fortune cookie and reads the text: Take the corner. Unsure of its meaning, Parrish begins a journey of learning how to trust God and then do the next thing. Parrish guesses that the corner might be a street corner and bus stop near by, and he hangs out there trying to figure out God's plan. When he discovers a lost letter in which the writer is crying out for help, Parrish believes that it is his mission to find and help the author of the mysterious letter.

The book's premise is simple, yet so often it's a message we avoid. What would happen if I told God, "I'm all in"? How would my life be different if I spent more time listening and obeying God's voice than feeding the hunger of pride, busyness, and indifference? Geoffrey Wood explores the possibilities through the life and obedience of a coffee shop owner who makes mistakes along the way but in the end discovers the power, joy, and excitement of a life lived all out for God.

If you haven't read a book by Geoffrey Wood, this is a good one to start with. It's slow at times, but I often read it with a smile on my face and a laugh ready to break free.

3 out of 5.