Saturday, September 25, 2010

THE KNIGHT by Steven James

After I read The Pawn by Steven James, I didn't think he could top it. Then I read The Rook and thought that would be my favorite. Now I finished The Knight, and I am again amazed at how much I'm enjoying this series.

James weaves a story of a serial killer who has a story to tell. Hot on his trail is FBI agent Patrick Bowers. With a tale that integrates ancient books, the Renaissance, a heartless killer, and an evil game, Bowers tries to stay alive long enough to capture the murderer who always seems to be a step ahead.

Steven James' books are well thought out, captivating, exciting, and don't shy away from showing evil for what it is. Without glamorizing the darkness, James provides a character who wrestles with doing the right thing while exploring the blackness in his own heart - and at the same time giving us a man we can route for. I'm looking forward to reading the fourth installment of this series, The Bishop.

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