Friday, August 20, 2010


I love a good courtroom drama. I grew up watching Law and Order and reading John Grisham. Legal thrillers are some of my favorite stories, and By Reason of Insanity captured my attention and kept me turning the pages.

By Reason of Insanity follows Las Vegas defense attorney Quinn Newberg on two cases as he uses the insanity defense to argue for his clients' innocence. Quinn's first client is his sister, Annie, on trial for murdering her husband. The second is a young newspaper reporter, Catherine, who has had visions of recent murders, and the police arrested her as prime suspect number one. Quinn believes that Catherine suffers from fractured personality disorder, which has motivated her to pursue a vigilante justice against rapists and their lawyers. As he tries to discern the truth and keep Catherine from being found guilty, he's also faced with caring for his niece while Annie sits behind bars.

Randy Singer is one of my new favorite authors. He's an experienced trial attorney and award-winning author. This book was nominated for a Christy Award in 2009, and its intense writing, well-designed plot, and believable twists make this book an excellent read.

4 out of 5.

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