Tuesday, February 23, 2010

SAINT PATRICK by Jonathan Rogers (Christian Encounters Series)

THE SUMMARY: This brief biography tells the story of Saint Patrick, the Irish Paul. Born into a family of privilege, Patrick is kidnapped as a teenager and taken to Ireland. After six years as a slave, Patrick escapes and returns to his family in Britain. Yet before he can return to his former life, the Lord comes to him in a vision and tells him to bring the good news to his former captors. Thus is the story of the first Christian missionary to take the gospel beyond the Roman Empire to barbarians at the ends of the earth.

THE MESSAGE: Many lessons can be drawn from the life of Saint Patrick. Yet the one that comes through clearest is Patrick's unwavering faith that through all of his misfortunes and struggles, the Lord's loving hand is behind every circumstance. Just like Paul brought the gospel to the Gentiles, Patrick brought the gospel to a country that did not know God's love and grace.

THE PRESENTATION: As author Jonathan Rogers stated, all that can reliably be known about Saint Patrick is gathered from two documents that he wrote, which totals less than 20 pages. However, there are many legends that surround his life. Jonathan Rogers explores Patrick's writings and his legends and weaves them into an understanding of the life and times of 400 AD. Together, this biography paints a realistic portriat of Saint Patrick.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I knew very little about Saint Patrick before I read this brief biography. Now I've come to respect and appreciate the life of a humble man who lived out his faith with courage and brought the gospel to Ireland.


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