Tuesday, September 8, 2009

FEARLESS by Max Lucado

THE SUMMARY: According to Max Lucado, this book is about learning to live life without many of the fears that plague us—the dread of failure, rejection, calamity, and others. Although there are storms in this life, we need to always remember who is there in the storm with us—an unstirred Christ. The one statement Jesus made more than any other was, “Don’t be afraid.”

THE MESSAGE: Fear raises doubts about Jesus character and corrodes our confidence in God’s goodness. It’s our perceived loss of control. It deadens our recall of God’s miracles and we forget all the Lord has done for us. Living a fearless life is about learning to listen to the voice of God, not dread and worry. Rather, courage means focusing on God in the storms and not relying on our own strength.

THE PRESENTATION: Lucado addresses numerous fears, including, the fears of not mattering, disappointing God, and overwhelming challenges. At the beginning of each chapter, Lucado takes a verse in which Jesus tells us not to fear, not to be afraid, or to take courage. Each scripture addresses different situations, and Lucado uses these to speak against the universal fears many of us face.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Lucado’s writing is again simple and straight to the heart. Easy to understand yet profound in its message. While I didn’t relate to all of the fears that Lucado includes, there were a handful that pulled at my heart and seemed to speak straight to me. This is definitely a book I’ll keep on my shelf, and the next time I can’t fall asleep because of worry, fear, or dread, it’ll be a great resource to draw upon.