Sunday, June 14, 2009

BLINDED by Travis Thrasher

THE SUMMARY: Michael flew to New York City in hopes of finalizing a business merger. Yet when the deal falls through, he finds himself sipping a Pinot Grigio wondering how everything fell apart. He’s frustrated, anxious, and depressed. And then a beautiful woman, Jasmine, catches his attention—and she seems to show a little interest in him. “Mind if I join you,” she asks. Michael thinks of his wife and two kids at home, but wonders what’s the harm? He’s not going to do anything. Yet as the next few hours pass and the night gets darker, Michael wonders how he ended up so far down a road he never intended, a night filled with rough men, guns, and sexual tension. A little compromise here and a little harmless rationalization there. Will Michael find his way back before it is too late? And does he want to?

THE MESSAGE: Don’t rationalize sin. Evil never jumps up and says, “Here I am—embrace me.” Rather, it says, “You deserve this,” or “Nobody will know, enjoy yourself,” or “You’re not really doing anything wrong.” Yet like the young man in Proverbs who walked down her street at dusk, it doesn’t take long before you’re led like a bull to the slaughter.

THE PRESENTATION: Travis Thrasher uses a unique method of storytelling—using the narrative form of the second person. Rather than using the traditional “I” or “he,” Thrasher uses “you.” Although a difficult way to write, Thrasher pulls it off, making it a more personal story for the reader than either of the other traditional ways.

FINAL THOUGHTS: This book shows the danger of lust and sin. As a man, it’s too easy to rationalize lust. Yet when the guilt is ignored, a few half-truths are told, and we don’t run away from the sin, what started as a temptation can quickly spiral into becoming a prisoner of that sin—and the ugly consequences that follow.


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