Saturday, April 4, 2009

QUAKER SUMMER by Lisa Samson

THE SUMMARY: Heather Curridge is a woman who has it all by the world's standards--a doctor for a husband, a respectful son, a beautiful home, lots of money, and a tennis court ready to be installed. But all of this can't fill the void in her heart, a haunting from her former self. She's lost and in search of a life well lived. A life of purpose. And when she stumbles into the lives of three women, a nun and two Quakers, who have little in this life but lots to give, she wonders if she's found the answer. But it's not a quick or easy answer, for it involves forgiveness, drug dealers, doubt, sacrifice, and grief. And in the end, hope.

THE MESSAGE: Lisa Samson crafts a story that makes you take stock in your life. Are you imitating Jesus in your life, reaching past your selfish worldview to use your gifts to serve others? Or when you stand before the King, will you say, "I kept a clean house, I made sure my child was athletic, musical, artistic, and got good grades, I was present at all the important church activities, and I changed the oil in my car every three thousand miles because I was such a good steward of my blessings?"

THE PRESENTATION. Lisa Samson takes a raw look at pride and humility, selfishness and selflessness. Written from first person, Heather is a little scatterbrained and can easily lose her train of thought, but it's usually not too hard to follow. It made me realize that as we pull back layers of our humanity, the more we need God's grace and His covering.

THE QUOTE: "God wants us to care for the poor and the lonely and the sick, not just for their sake, but for ours. Because in this, we become like Him, growing a bigger heart than we ever thought possible. . . It's redemption time, and will you come to the well and drink deep? You'll get far more than you could ever give. Don't die in the desert of your Christian radio, Pottery Barn lives."


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  1. Good review! Thanks for including the quote--that was the kicker that makes me want to pick it up.