Monday, April 27, 2009

THE NOTICER by Andy Andrews

THE SUMMARY: Down on his luck and with little hope, 23-year-old Andy had a life full of frustrations and little else. He lives in a hole under a pier and “bathes” in hotel pools. But when a mysterious old man named Jones finds Andy close to tears, he gives the young man a gift that changes his life—the gift of perspective. He teaches Andy to look at his life through a different lens, thus opening the door to new opportunities. And as Andy comes to find out, Jones has given this gift to many others struggling in the community.

THE MESSAGE: Life is a matter of perspective. Change your perspective and you can change your approach, opportunities, lifestyle, even what others think of you. As Jones’ said, “A life filled with opportunities and encouragement finds more and more opportunities and encouragement.”

THE PRESENTATION: Although Andy Andrews makes good points in The Noticer, many of his narratives lacked originality and bordered clich├ęs. For example, to a married couple facing divorce, Jones talks about love being expressed in different dialects—a wink and nod to Gary Chapman’s “The Five Love Languages.” Individuals feel and express love in different ways, and understanding your spouse’s dialect can change your marriage. And to a man who is constantly worrying, Jones tells him to every morning write down things he is thankful for because the “seeds of depression cannot take root in a grateful heart.” Good advice but hardly original.
Overall, I think I was expecting more from Andy Andrews. His book is a good reminder of ways to look at life differently, and that by changing your perspective, you can change your circumstances. Unfortunately, this tale falls short of inspirational.

THE QUOTE: “You ate sardines and Vienna sausages in the sand. I dined on surf and turf with an ocean view. It’s all about perspective.”


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