Monday, March 23, 2009

HAVAH by Tosca Lee

The SUMMARY: This is the story of Eve--Havah in Hebrew--like you've never imagined before. From the opening of her eyes, to the joy and oneness in the Garden, to the first sin and exile, to life in the wilderness, to populating the earth, Tosca Lee breaths life into this well-worn story.

THE MESSAGE: There is more to the story of Adam and Eve than I ever thought. The days before there were words for grief, regret, sorrow, safe, and unsafe. The days of living in a land created by His passionate hand, a land of beauty and oneness. The days of suddenly being unable to discern Adam's thoughts, unable to stop obeying the flesh, experience vile emotions never born before, a feeling of being ruined in body, mind and spirit. And ultimately, knowing that the Lord is still near, still loves, and one day will bring his children back to Eden.

THE PRESENTATION: Tosca Lee presents a wonderful tale that made me long for Eden, almost hurt to be in God's presence as before the Fall. It's made me rethink my ideas of Heaven, and I can only explain it as a longing for a closeness with God. However, sometimes Tosca's writing is vague and difficult to follow, but she paints beautiful pictures and can giftedly capture emotion.

THE QUOTE: "The One was always with me, murmuring through the trees and whispering atop the grasses. I saw his face in the majestic Mount, heard his sighs rumbling from the heavens--saw his thumbprint in the tinest mustard seed."

3.5 out of 5

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